Zihuatanejo Jade Jacarero

16.07.2007 - 11.12.2021 - (S*Frejas Deli´s Biondi Santi x Zihuatanejo's Zeda Zegala)
Zihuatanejo's Jade Jacarero
Zihuatanejo's Jade Jacarero
Zihuatanejo's Jade Jacarero

"Mimi" came to us all the way from The Netherlands from the Zihuatanejo cattery of Renate Leijen. She came out of her carrier purring and has not stopped since! She is a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful temperament. She did fantastically well at shows, even though we only showed her at limited shows.

Mimi was a very special girl, alwys calm and relaxed about everything. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and died peacefully at home 3 weeks later. We miss her very much.

Mimi was the mother of our A, B and D litters


CH S*Frejas Deli´s Biondi Santi
S*Aromas Hugo Boss
NFO ns 09 22
SW 03 S*Trollgummans Vigge Vildbatting
NFO ds22
EC Charles Austin av Boxerhaven (N)
NFO d 09 22
CH S*Trollgummans Cicci Cirkeline
CH S*Aromas Meliss
NFO as 23
IC S*Riisnes Ragnar
NFO as 09 23
S*Silvernalles Flinga
NFO ns 09 22
HCM normal
S*Drakborgens Qattla Huldreqatt
NFO fs 09
EC S*Drakborgens Krabat Gyldenlöf
NFO d 09 22
Fjord's Naima's Sylvester
NFO n 09
Fjord's Froya de la Pendjari
NFO n 09 22
EC (GB) Snokristal Bathsheba
NFO ns 09 23
IC. Unikum av Trollsfjord
NFO ns 09
GIC. Matilda av Trollsfjord
NFO fs 09 23

GIC Zihuatanejo's Zeda Zegala
Oleander-Onyx v. Wunderbaum EC Hvid Tanzanit Felis Jubatus IC Hvid Konge Felis Jubatus
EC Flatland's Clara
IC Icecat's Mandoline Reign EC Klockargårdens Marius
NFO ds 09 22
EC Talissa
NFO ns 21
GIC Quaysy de la Taupinière Kars de la Taupiniere
NFO as 09 23
IC Benjamin de la Taupinière
Syvertines Chikita
NFO a 09
IC Trollfjell's Medusa
NFO ns
CH. S* Islandia P.T. Ozzy
NFO ns 24
CH. N* Trollfjell´s Belladonna