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Jürgen and Actros

I (Jürgen) bought my first dog in 1979. Mata Salamata's Golab (INT CH el Kaira's P'smoke Dream x el Kaira's Unah); an Afgahn, led me to the show ring. At almost every show I took him to I found myself at the Dobermann ring. Already at that time, the Dobermann's nobility, musculature, strength and formidable expression fascinated me.

I immigrated to South Africa in 1985 and after settling into a new home followed my feelings and bought my first Dobermann, Aaron in 1986. Aaron was a South African bred male, he was tall and strongly built with a medium character.

The South African Dobermann was at that time a mix of UK, USA, Canadian, Dutch and German bloodlines, there was no real distinguished type and the nervous costume of these dogs was too weak, therefore for my first bitch I decided to go to German bloodlines and purchased Spree Adele vom Illerdamm ZTP SG1A, APT, who was out of fully imported parents (Citto vom Märchengarten x Isolde von Georgstolz) and registered a kennel name (vom Illerdamm) in 1988.

Since there were no suitable males in South Africa to breed to Adele, she was only mated for the first time when she was four years old to Odin vom Norden Stamm (Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg x Kassandra vom Norden Stamm) which produced my "A" litter. One dog from the litter was a South African champion, attained ZTP and IWT2.

In 1992 I saw a need to improve character and was in a financial position to import a male. I was lucky enough to get a dog from the well known van't Smeulveen kennel in Holland - Popeye van't Smeulveen (Hertog Conan van Manensheide x Natascha vom Norden Stamm). Hertog Conan van Manensheide won all the major international titles - IDC, DV Sieger, Bundes Sieger, ZTP V1A, Angekört ZVA 1A. I bred three litters from Popeye, all with very good characters.

A year later Mr Mencke, being very happy with the character and looks of the previous litter, repeated the mating and one year to the day, Quina van't Smeulveen SA CH ZTP V1B (Hertog Conan van Manensheide x Natascha vom Norden Stamm) was born. I offered a partnership to a young Dobermann enthusiast and breeder JC Pieters of the South African Trustdore kennel. We formed in this partnership the Sudroyal kennel.

In 1995 we imported a brown male, Uran Royal-Bell SA CH (Larson Royal-Bell x Niagara Nike Royal-Bell) from the world famous Royal-Bell kennel in Croatia. Uran had a very successful show career and was a South African Champion. Uran was mated to Quina three times with very good results, many of the progeny achieving South African championship status, ZTP and other working qualifications.

In 2000 I was fortunate enough to import Smart Wood Hills Paola from Heinz Grimm. Because Paola was cropped she was not able to be shown or worked in South Africa. She produced two beautiful litters with Actros von Cobra.

Again I could not find a suitable male in South Africa and decided to import two males, Hazar Altobello-Hillo SA CH ZTP V1B (Casanova Altobello x Grate Ginga House) and Actros von Cobra SA CH ZTP V1A (Nitro del Rio Bianco x Beauty Biagotti von Cobra). They were three months apart in age and when Hillo was nine months old I gave him to JC Pieters (Trustdore). Actros is overall the best Dobermann I have ever had the pleasure of owning. In 2010 we lost our beloved Actros, he was a special part of our family and we miss him everyday.

In 2005 I met Lauren and started training her dog (Chaldonne X'Tycho ZTP V1A) a son of Actros, he was a super dog, and although stubborn he had great potential. We were devastated to loose him to cancer so young. In 2008 we got married in a special ceremony shared with our friends. Actros von Cobra was our ring bearer. We share the same passion for Dobermanns and are thankful that they brought us together. Lauren came into the relationship with 4 Norwegian Forest Cats and a passion to breed them. Although we are no longer breeding if you’re interested in seeing our cats and previous litters you can visit them here.

Jürgen, Lauren and Actros

In my opinion (and that of many Dobermann fanciers), the Italians have some of the finest looking dogs in the world and I was not able to resist importing a top winning Rui Manuel del Rio Bianco daughter to South Africa. Escada Empire von Cobra (Rui Manuel del Rio Bianco x Black Witch von Cobra) was mated to Livonijas Baron Hero Hieronimus (Nitro del Rio Bianco x Paola Penelopa Piligrimas). She was imported in whelp into South Africa in September 2006 and gave birth to a very promising litter in November 2006.

I decided to keep a bitch from this litter - vom Illerdamm Hexe Harmonie. Unfortunately Hexe had a missing tooth (p2) and whilst, according to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, I would have been allowed to breed with her, I decided against it and placed her in a pet home.

We were then fortunate enough to import two high quality bitches into our home. Casa di Oro Adelina Ada ZTP V1A, IPO1, was a daughter of the famous Jivago van het Wantij x Gelo Robis Gretta, she was not only an excellent looking bitch, she had a super temperament with very high drives. We mated her to Actros and two healthy bitches were born. vom Illerdamm Janis Joplin was sold to our friend Chris Griffith at the SouthernBell kennel in KZN. We kept Jagger vom Illerdamm ZTP V1A, APT with us. Jagger was Lauren's baby and she was a pleasure to live and work with. She inherited her father's calmness and her mother's fantastic drives. Nirvana von Nemesis (Hilo von Nemesis x Borana von Nemesis) came to us from Germany (many thanks to the Pfisterer family), she had an excellent temperament and very high drives.

In 2009 our precious daughter Ella was born. She has the same passion for Dobermanns as we do and is becoming a very good handler.

In 2013 we moved back to Germany, it was hard to leave South Africa and our friends and family, but we try to visit every second year. When we moved we brought two dogs with us, Jagger and her daughter, Leb Die Sekunde vom Illerdamm (Pierreluigi Prinz Vis Absoluta x Jagger vom Illerdamm). We orignally sold Leb on condition that we could have a litter with her, but her new owners could no longer keep her due to a change of circumstance and we took her back. Leb was so similar in character and drive to her grandmother, she was a wonderful dog. We also brought three Norwegian Forest Cats with us.

After many years of looking we finally found our special boy Freaky Styley von Hohenzollern ZTP V1A, IGP1, FPR2 (Oksamit de Grande Vinko x Armani von Hohenzollern) we are so greatful for him, he is a real gentleman, calm and absolutely rock steady, he has good drives and will do just about anything to please us. After we lost Leb to bone cancer we were on the look out for a new bitch, at the moment I am impressed with Quarz de Androeli and hoped to get one of his daughters. Our new girl Tahi-réme Jamila (Quarz de Andreoli x Tahi-réme Tutti Frutti) only has eyes for Ella, she is super, lots of drive, the sweetest nature and is very pretty too.

We took a break from breeding for a few years, but have recently decided to start again, our kennel is now registered in Germany with the DV (VDH) and the FCI.

We hope you will enjoy having a look through our site!