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vom Illerdamm is a small Dobermann kennel in Bavaria Germany. We only breed one or two litters per year. Occasionally we have puppies for sale. We breed with healthy parents that are excellent in form and have been health tested. Our Doberman puppies are chipped and DNA registered. Each puppy receives its pedigree and working record, issued by the Dobermann Club (recognized by the VDH / FCI).

The Dobermann, is a medium-large dog that was originally developed around 1890 by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany. Dobermanns are intelligent, alert, driven, strong and tenaciously loyal companions and guard dogs. Properly taken care of and trained, they are loving and devoted companions. The Dobermann is a sensitive dog, very affectionate in the family, loyal and loving to children.

Of the more than 400 dog breeds that exist worldwide, only nine breeds were awarded the title - working dog - in Germany. The Doberman belongs to these specially selected breeds. His character traits predispose him to be the ideal working dog. Thanks to his intelligence and temperament, he is suitable for many dog sports, such as: agility, obedience, IGP sport or as a tracking dog. However, he is also used as a service dog by the police, customs and the German armed forces, and as a rescue dog. The Dobermann is also suitable as a therapy dog, a service dog and guide dog for the blind. He is very temperamental, intelligent, attentive, and robust. Every dog needs training. Due to the working dog traits that have been bred into Dobermanns over many generations of dogs, the upbringing and training is easy. With a consistent approach, they are easy to train and very quick to learn.

Dobermann's are very loving. They simply can't get enough affection and are happy to lie on the couch or in bed for hours with their owner. Dobermann's are needy; needing of affection, training, socialisation, and stimulation. This is not a dog to spend time alone in the back yard, kennel, or basement. The Dobermann is bred to be at your side at all times and this is exactly what he will do. When you sit quietly reading, he will lay by your feet. When you rise to grab a drink, he will follow. When you answer the door, he will be right at your hip. The trained Dobermann knows his job is to be your helper, and he won't miss a chance.

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