Actros von Cobra

20.03.2003 - 20.07.2010 - (Nitro Del Rio Bianco x Beauty Biagotti von Cobra)
Actros von Cobra

There's no use in weeping, though we are condemned to part
There's such a thing as keeping a Remembrance in one's heart
- Charlotte Brontë

If it was not for Actros there would be no us. Our special boy we miss you as we miss your son and daughter and remember you with love every day.

Actros had a very successful show career boasting many wins including a CC at 6 months old at the Dobermann Club show under the world-renowned breeder and international specialist judge Evgeny Rozenberg from Russia.

He was the combination of one the top sires - Nitro del Rio Bianco and the Shogun van Roveline/Lema van Roveline line - one of the lines most desired by Dobermann fanciers worldwide.

Actros carried the fantastic type of these lines. He passed this, along with his wonderful calm and balanced temperament on very strongly to his progeny.

Actros is overall the best Dobermann I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Actros is the father of the F, G and J Litters. See the previous litters page for more details.


Nitro del Rio Bianco
HD-B, AD, ZTP V1A, SchH 1
Nilo del Rio Bianco
HD-A, ZTP V1A, SchH 1
Nero del Diamante Nero
ZTP V1B, SchH 1
Feldo Del Diamante Nero
Quirin Del Diamante Nero
Athena Del Rio Bianco Sting Del Rio Bianco
Hera van Roveline
Farah del Rio Bianco
Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam
HD-1, ZTP V1B, IPO 3
Hertog Alpha van Le Dobry
Dea Dolores vom Franckenhorst
Sophie del Rio Bianco
Ali von Langenhorst
Laila van Roveline
Beauty Biagotti von Cobra
HD-1, IPO 3
Shogun van Roveline
Ninjo vom Norden Stamm
HD-A, ZTP V1B, SchH 1
Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg
Kalina vom Norden Stamm
Lema van Roveline
HD-A, ZTP V1A, AD, SchH 3
Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg
Jenna van Roveline
Indiana von Cobra
Irinus de Ferignis
HD-1, ZTP V1A, IPO 2, SchH 3
Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam
Alina von't Gröne Land
Indi Cobra Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam
Kris Polluxova